is a leader in meat and processed poultry production. It is also the largest company in the business with the domestic capital. The beginning of the company dates back to 1991. Business has been developing dynamically over the years.
The structure of the company includes:
  • Reproduction farms,
  • Poultry Hatcheries in Pawlowo, Skarzynek and Mlawa,
  • Feed mills in Gumowo and Raciaz,
  • Broiler breeding farms,
  • Poultry Slaughterhouses in Ciechanow and Ujazdowek near Ciechanow, and in Niepolomice near Cracow
  • Poultry Processing Plant in Ciechanow,
  • Company retail stores,
  • The Fuel Trade Department,
  • The Fertilizer Trade Department.


The company seat and major production plant are located in Ciechanow and in Ujazdowek. Poultry slaughter, cutting as well as meat processing are carried out there. That is where the highly praised by our Consumers fine cold meats, pâtés and ready meals are produced. Our commercial offer is expanded by the plant in Niepolomice which specializes in making high quality export goods e.g. goose. The diversity of operation of individual plants favors self-sufficiency, as well as safety and high quality of production.


The production process, which underlies a closed circuit starts in the poultry hatching plants in Mlawa,  Pawlowo and Skarzynek. Due to the dynamic development of our resource base, the Managing Board and the Supervisory Board of the Company have taken the decision to modernize and expand the plants. It allowed to increase production capacity by 50%. The Poultry Hatching Plant in Pawlowo and Skarzynek are currently among the largest hatcheries in Poland and Europe.

The current technology of production processes is based on cutting-edge technical solutions. The hatcheries meet the requirements of the quality management system under ISO 9001:2008 and have the right to trade within the EU and on the markets of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

 The chicks from the hatching plants are transported to breeding farms supplying CEDROB. We cooperate closely with the live poultry producers based on long-term contracts in terms of broiler, hen and goose. The broiler farms are owned by the Company's shareholders in 90%, which gives CEDROB 100% guarantee on stable material supply for production.

Live poultry breeders providing material for CEDROB utilize animal feed from the Feed mill in Gumowo near Ciechanow and from the newly opened Feed mill in Raciaz. These are among the most modern, fully-automated feed mills in Poland. Each of the facilities is equipped with two technology lines for the production of loose and granulated feed, grain dryer and a lab equipped with technologically-advanced hardware. At CEDROB FEED MILLS production lines are fitted with dispensers and scales for liquid additives, as well as a liquid enzymes dispensing system for the cooled granulate.
The latter solution in particular allows manufacturing granulated and crushed animal feed that are better digested and absorbed by animals. Weighing loose and liquid components during production is automatic only, and the amount of resources dispensed is recorded in the computer system. This practically means eliminating human error and allows recreating the process of weighing individual animal feed components at all times.


The ready product can be shipped to breeders loose or in sacks by means of specialized vehicle transport. The feed mill in Gumowo meets the requirements of the quality management system under ISO 9001:2008 as well as the HACCP requirements – which are constantly being supervised and improved.

Our own hatcheries, breeding farms are subject to constant veterinary supervision, and the modern feed mills ensure complete control of production in all its stages. These facilities operate under applicable hygiene and sanitary requirements in force within the European Union, due to which they have the right to trade within the Community. The production plants included in CEDROB implemented the HACCP system, as well as the IFS and BRC standards.
Following the Polish accession to the EU, CEDROB has greatly increased sales in those markets, which resulted in establishing in 2005 a company’s representative unit in Germany – CEDROB GmbH. Now it is easier to cooperate with retail chains or other customers throughout Western Europe.
Therefore, it is not surprising that the proprietors of CEDROB are planning further development of the company in the German market. The company expands its export to the EU, Asia and African countries very dynamically. Our efficient logistics favors conquering new markets and supplying them with fresh high-quality products on time.

We are a modern and constantly growing company. We have years of experience and the knowledge that let us successfully carry out our mission and increase our resources.

Who we are is best pictured by our goal.
We intend to introduce innovations. We remain open to the needs of the market in order to successfully meet its expectations. Our priority is constant improvement of quality for a competitive price. All this is ensured by high-tech equipment that is systematically being improved and modernized.
We are a company that gained the reputation of a reliable business partner due to our know-how, practice and reliable work. What is more, due to our fair working conditions and remuneration, we have gained the reputation of one of the most attractive employers in the region.
Despite being a large company, we guarantee flexible customer-friendly approach and professional service. We offer the highest quality of our products and services, and provide our contractors with the opportunity to build permanent and stable business relations.

What values are especially important for us?
• fair treatment of customers and contractors is most important for us. We realize that in the long run it is this feature that creates a really solid foundation for a business.
• The progress and changes for the better are strategic elements of the development of our company. Continuous implementation of positive changes makes us increasingly good and competitive on a day-to-day basis.
• In spite of the difficulties accompanying the acquisition of human capital, our priority is the implementation of personnel policy aimed at the cooperation of the employer and the employees and obtaining the greatest possible satisfaction from their work carried out together.


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